South-east Asia’s first visual property search solution

At a very basic level, PropertyGuru Lens is a visual property search engine, which means it can analyse the visual data of a building image using deep learning, and together with geolocation data, perform several different tasks based on the contents of that image.

Hari explained:“PropertyGuru Lens will effectively turn your smartphone camera into a real-world search device. Focus the camera on any residential building and the underlying technology analyses and interprets residential building images in your line of sight and brings up property listings of units that are available for purchase and rent – all in real-time. Simply put – point, tap and discover homes on-the-go!”

The concept of PropertyGuru Lens, he said, was inspired by several factors:

1. PropertyGuru’s consumer research revealed that users increasingly see property search as a mobile experience

2. PropertyGuru recognized cameras are one of the most important features of any smartphones today

3. The company believes that the future of property discovery must be a visual experience, rather than one involving the mastery of the keyboard

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