New search engine claims “Google suppresses conservative speech”

Excerpt: is the name of Andrew’s new search engine – an option for those who are tired of Google leading them to liberal sources while filtering out conservative ones.

Andrew claims that “America’s new search engine” – as he calls it – will give users superior results than what Google provides during searches … primarily because it is devoid of liberal bias.

“If you haven’t heard, news reports show Google suppresses conservative speech,” Andrew pointed out in an informative piece on his USA.Life website. “Google puts a 96 percent negative spin for news about President Trump, according to a report. We found Google has a bias against anything positive about America. They often give anti-American and anti-Christian results instead of true answers. This is why you need 1776Free.”

He boasts that users will get what they are looking for – not what a company with a liberal agenda wants them to read or view

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