Why Businesses Feel Forced to Buy Google Ads on Searches for Their Own Names

For local businesses, having ads tied to Google search results can be a boon, but it’s not a necessity; the search engine’s “organic” results often do the trick, due to Google Maps or smaller aggregator sites like Yelp. But when it comes to “branded” advertising — especially for direct-to-consumer brands that forgo retail space and depend entirely on online portals to move product — buying ads on your own name is a table stake.

Bloomberg looked into this phenomenon, finding that pressure to buy for brands is especially intense on mobile, where search ads are placed directly underneath search results, as opposed to off to the side on desktops, and competitors often buy ads against each other. Bloomberg found that Uber was advertising against Lyft as of Friday, March 8.

Read more: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/03/why-businesses-have-to-buy-google-ads-against-their-own-name.html

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