Powering Search & Recommendations at DoorDash

To achieve this mission, we are building search products that provide a personalized discovery and search experience based on a consumer’s past search and order history with DoorDash. This article details our approach for personalization in our search ecosystem, which has provided a significant lift in conversion from search to checkout.

Search and Recommendation Challenges

The three-sided nature of DoorDash platform (involving consumers, dashers and merchants) presents a lot of interesting and unique search challenges in addition to the general search and recommendation related problems. Some challenges include:

  • Sparsity: not every consumer can see every store, making this different from a typical e-commerce recommendations problem
  • Cold-start problem: cases when new stores or consumers enter the system
  • Tradeoff between relevance versus diversity
  • Including accurate driving distance in search selection

Read more: https://medium.com/@DoorDash/powering-search-recommendations-at-doordash-8310c5cfd88c

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