Google collects ‘way more’ personal data than Facebook

The information Google collects ranges from “the videos you watch” and “purchase activity” to “the terms you search for,” “people with whom you communicate or share content” and “the ads and content you view on Google’s sites.”

Google has its own browser (Chrome) as well as its own mobile operating system (Android) and its own e-mail program (Gmail). And Fried points out that Google collects the “Chrome browsing history you’ve synced with your Google account.”

Fried also notes some information that Google doesn’t collect,” including  “Internet traffic from its Google Wi-Fi home routers” and “Google Docs data from business customers that use the paid enterprise version.” The journalist adds that Google “used to use the content of e-mails in Gmail to choose ads to display,” although it has quit doing that because “other data is more efficient.”

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