How can privacy search engines provide local search results?

Search is everywhere and at the same time it is a very personal conversation between you and the search box. More and more people are concerned about how their personal data is being tracked, including their search history and identifying features. As a response to this, we’re seeing a rise in privacy search with engines like DuckDuckGo, Qwant, Startpage, Yippy and many others.

But what about the benefits of using Google and Bing? One of the main benefits is personalized local search. I don’t know how local search engines can overcome this. They don’t track a searcher’s IP address so they can’t know where a searcher is.

How can a privacy engine handle local queries to target the nearest restaurant, bar, store, event, etc.?

A couple of clunky options would be:

  • Target to a broad geographical area, but not an exact location.
  • Add an interstitial step asking users to specify the granular location they are searching.

But neither of those provide that seamless local experience we are all used to when Google recognizes where we are and shows us results near us.

Seriously, how can privacy search engines overcome this?

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