Look up “greatest writers” on Google, and you get a sea of dead white men staring back at you

Pantene is launching a campaign to break this cycle. Enter: S.H.E. – short for Search Human Equalizer — a Google Chrome extension that works on the search backend to deliver more equalized and accurate results for 150 common queries from “greatest thinkers” to “top CEOs.” (In the latter category, only 10% of search results represent women, despite the fact that 28% of CEOs are women.) And they’re not stopping at 150 — the program is encouraging users to flag additional terms with biased search results to eventually add to S.H.E.’s term bank as the program grows — the goal being to give accurate representation to women and people of color in search across the board.

It’s a vision that Arianna Huffington, a longtime Pantene brand partner, sees as an essential part of reaching gender equality.“Women are transforming the world around us every day – taking risks, standing up for what they deserve, and reaching heights they were once told were out of reach. I’m proud to support Pantene and its commitment to making these accomplishments more visible with the launch of S.H.E.,” says Huffington in an interview with Refinery29. “The conversation around advancing gender equality is such an important one, and it’s vital that we expand it to include the way people and companies depict women online. I’m thrilled that S.H.E. is accessible to everyone and helping future generations grow up in a more equal world.”

Read more: https://www.refinery29.com/en-ca/2019/05/231419/search-result-bias-pantene-she-chrome-extension

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