Wolfram Alpha Makes Engine Available for Developers

 Free Wolfram Engine for Developers. It’s a full engine for the Wolfram Language, that can be deployed on any system—and called from programs, languages, web servers, or anything.

The Wolfram Engine is the heart of all our products. It’s what implements the Wolfram Language, with all its computational intelligence, algorithmsknowledgebase, and so on. It’s what powers our desktop products(including Mathematica), as well as our cloud platform. It’s what’s inside Wolfram|Alpha—as well as an increasing number of major production systems out in the world. And as of today, we’re making it available for anyone to download, for free, to use in their software development projects.

Read more: https://blog.wolfram.com/2019/05/21/launching-today-free-wolfram-engine-for-developers/

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