Texas Attorney General Explains Why Google is Being Investigated

Texas AG Ken Paxton writes in the WSJ:

My fellow attorneys general and I launched this investigation because Google’s enormous economic power, fueled by advertising, gives it unprecedented influence over Americans’ lives. It has the power to control what we read and manipulate the people and companies we do business with. It can compromise our privacy. It can crush its competition, and consumer choice, merely by submerging competitors’ websites in a murky sea of search results. Information is power, and Americans are beginning to realize how much power Google has over them.

To be clear, the question isn’t whether Google is too big. Economic success, when earned fair and square, should be celebrated. But whatever the merits of Google’s product offerings, we must ask now whether its dominance has been achieved and maintained through business practices specifically designed to thwart competition. That is what our investigation will seek to determine in the coming months as we examine documents from Google.

Read more: https://www.wsj.com/articles/alternatives-to-google-your-search-returned-no-results-11568155213

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