What’s the world’s #2 search engine?

According to Alex Chung, the answer is Giphy, the database and search engine he co-founded in 2013.

At WCIT 2019 in Yerevan, Armenia, GIPHY co-founder Alex Chung announced that his well-known GIF search engine is now trailing only Google in total searches.

“GIPHY started out as just a project I did for my friends,” said Chung. “It started from a weird philosophical conversation about language, and how we only have a few words for love in each language, and maybe a few emojis. But there’s a million different ways to express love. And there was no way to send, or communicate those types of expressions to other people.

“So we came up with this idea of an expression search engine. Some way to catalog all the expressions of the world, so that if you’re trying to communicate love, you have a vast array of different kinds of love you can send to your friends or family. Words just sometimes aren’t enough, especially in cross-cultural situations.”

The entire visual arts industry has spent more than a century developing the art of visual emotional communication to the utmost degree, so GIPHY set about licensing content from every source it could think of.

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