Some search engines you definitely (maybe) have never heard of

I made a list of some search startups and companies doing interesting things. Totally not comprehensive, just some engines that got my attention because of what they’re doing or what they promise to do.

Would love to hear about others. Please comment with additional ones!

  1. AlphaSense – market intelligence search to help businesses. Closed a Series B $50 million round.
  2. A Million Short – Founded in 2012, filters out results from top million websites to reduce SEO influence.
  3. ByteDance – called ” world’s most valuable startup”. Chinese company owns TikTok, Helo, Vigo Video, Douyin, BaBe, and Huoshan. And Toutiao, one of the most popular news aggregators in China.
  4. Ekoru – Whereas Ecosia plants trees, Ekoru gives 60% of revenue to ocean cleanup and ocean reforestation.
  5. Gem – search for vintage clothes from thousands of online stores.
  6. Get Kelvin – community driven search. Visual with emoji ratings, comment threads, and previews of each website.
  7. Grafiti – Search engine for charts and visual data. Raised $1.6M in Pre-Seed Funding.
  8. Grata – B2B search for deal sourcing, sales, marketing.
  9. Holidu – holiday rentals engine in 21 country markets. Raised €40 million in Series C.
  10. Presearch – 2017-founded, pro-privacy blockchain search using cryptocurrency tokens as an incentive to decentralize search.
  11. Semantic Scholar – engine of peer-reviewed research with more than 175 million papers.
  12. Snackable AI – Estonian based engine to find audio content in podcasts, audiobooks, videos and other media.
  13. Stravito – searches a company’s sales and marketing intelligence.
  14. Syte – smartphone-based visual search engine for e-commerce. Raised $21.5M.
  15. Untrue News – search Engine to find and fight fake news.
  16. Vishion – interior design search for décor and furniture products by specific colors.

What else?