RushmoreDrive, African-American Search Engine Back in 2008

There have been a few African-American search engines, but one that was started in 2008 and owned by IAC was RushmoreDrive. It was billed as a search engine for the black community and being part of IAC it had the potential for broad reach and backend infrastructure support.

Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., CEO of, said RushmoreDrive was a:

“search engine for the Black community employing a patent-pending technology that enables the search engine to blend mainstream general search results with highly-relevant Black search results.

Blacks want everything we already get from Google plus highly relevant news. RushmoreDrive will deliver a more relevant search with people who identify with being black.”

Unfortunately, which was named after the street on which its Charlotte offices were located, had a short life and was shut down in 2009.

Taylor said:

“As you all know, I’ve been working around the clock on a deal to sell to another company interested in the search business. We were very fortunate to have found a buyer who was willing to pay a good price, but IAC was unwilling to accept the terms. When IAC decided not to accept the offer, I made a decision to leave my position and to take a much overdue break.”

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