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About the Opportunity:

We are a dynamic company looking for our next great hire to join our team in Carlsbad, California.

NTENT embraces the fun, agility and innovation of a startup culture while enjoying the security of having technology already deployed with a large and rapidly growing customer base. This is a rare chance to take your career to the next level in one of today’s hottest tech industries.

Our goals include building a compelling search experience for mobile devices and applying state of the art artificial intelligence approaches to understand natural language in order to deliver the best search engine in multiple languages for select markets. This is a unique opportunity to tackle complex problems usually reserved for a handful of large companies in the search industry.

We are looking for a talented Software Engineer to join our team.


Job Description: 

1. Works within the core development team researching, designing, implementing, testing and deploying key NTENT software used to deliver services to end customers across the globe;
2. Design architecture and sub-systems required to deliver a full, web scale search platform;
3. Investigate and propose relevant technologies, systems, and libraries required for a successful implementation;
4. Implement well written, testable code and documentation required for search including initial implementation, new features, scaling, optimization, on-going maintenance and issue support;
5. Assist in the installation, configuration, and deployment of software as required;
6. Assist the Software Quality Assurance team to implement appropriate testing to ensure a high quality product outcome;
7. Ensure job knowledge is up-to-date through research and reading of relevant and new technologies, tools, and techniques to share with other team members;
8. Identify requirements, priorities, and deliverables for tasks and sub-projects and report regularly on the progress of the stated deliverables; and,
9. Work closely with the team of core developers to ensure the compatibility of the delivered results with the core technology.

Job Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree, or foreign equivalent, in Computer Science, or in a closely related field followed by 5 progressive years of software development experience. In the alternative, employer will accept a Master’s degree or foreign equivalent, in Computer Science, or in a closely related field and 3 years of software development experience.

Experience must include:  
1. 3 years of experience in software development methodologies like SDLC and Agile Software Development.
2. 3 years of experience in Information Retrieval and Ranking Systems 
3. 3 years of experience building large-scale search services using Solr/Elasticsearch. 
4. 3 years of experience building enterprise grade software systems using object oriented programming languages like Java / C#. 
5. 3 years of experience in Linux system administration, including installing, maintaining and monitoring Solr/Elasticsearch servers serving hundreds of requests / second. 
6. 3 years of experience in JVM tuning and optimization of search servers. 
7. 3 years of experience in distributed version control systems like Git and Mercurial. 
8. 3 years of experience in Microsoft SQL. 
9. 3 years of experience in building RESTful APIs. 
10. 2 years of experience with Memcached. 

Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable.

We offer a full comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental and vision. Employees receive a generous time off (PTO) plan and 13 holidays per year. We also offer 401(k) benefits, long term disability benefits and life insurance.

Work location: 1808 Aston Avenue, Suite 170, Carlsbad, CA 92008, Annual wage/salary: $124,200

If interested, please submit resume by mail to Joseph Bennett at 1808 Aston Avenue, Suite 170, Carlsbad, CA 92008 and reference #17-1201 

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