Search Architect

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The Search Architect helps to build and define the technology platform by which CCC delivers services and value.  They do this by creating tools, libraries and standards to support software development efforts; evaluating new technologies by performing research and proof-of-concept activities and acting as a resource to product teams.  They may also work with business stakeholders, partners, vendors or customers to refine the goals and approaches to developing specific products.  This position will focus on our search and personalization infrastructure including index construction, usage analysis, query optimization and index management.

Primary Duties/Accountabilities:

  1. Supports the creation, expansion and maintenance of a technology platform supporting CCC’s operations
  2. Works to update CCC’s search index and event store infrastructure, upgrade technologies, document models, analytics and personalization capabilities as well as data management policies.
  3. Acts as a resource for ongoing product development, providing feedback to development teams across all phases of the SDLC
  4. Contributes to process improvement projects, both engineering and cross-department, either based on their own initiative or as identified by senior management
  5. May be accountable for other results and activities as assigned.

Key Competencies: 

  • Nimble learner – Actively learning through experimentation when tackling new problems using both successes and failures to be a learning fodder.
  • Demonstrates self-awareness – Using a combination of feedback and reflection to gain insight into personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Tech Savvy – Anticipating and adopting innovations in business-building digital and technology applications.
  • Manages Complexity – Making sense of complex, high quantity and sometimes contradictory information to effectively solve problems.
  • Communicates effectively – Developing and delivering multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences.
  • Collaborates – Building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives

Skills/ Knowledge:

  • Elastic Stack (ELK)
  • Lucene
  • Event Stores


Education:  Bachelors Degree

                    Type of Degree: Comp Sci, (Applied) Math, Physical Sciences, Philosophy

Direct Experience:        6-10 years

Management Experience:       0-2 years