Senior Search Scientist – Discovery

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The Basics:

Branch is a big-data mobile linking platform with 10B+ daily events and tens of thousands of top app partners. Branch is expanding on our big data experience to build the best mobile-search and discovery system, looking for people to have significant impact. Currently, we are in the early stages (already live, white-labeled, with multiple major brands and a significant and growing user base) and we already have an existing pipeline to have significant global growth. You’ll be working with search experts, other data scientists, and software engineers to build and deliver core functionality for our rapidly growing search/discovery product. This is a unique opportunity to get in early where work is most broad and impactful, and projects are holistic as opposed to hyper-focused.

As a Senior Data Scientist, you will work on all aspects of a commercial-scale general-purpose search system, including novel work in:

  • Ranking
  • Query understanding/intent detection
  • Knowledge generation
  • Data analysis (including accessing our existing big data)
  • Feature generation
  • Content extraction

And more. Most of the work of the Data Science and Search Engineering team will be done in Python, using other common technologies/frameworks.

We need someone who is a strong hands-on leader that is highly creative and can add value both in the early-stages of a large-scale general purpose search (where we are today) as well as in the later stages (very high volume search-data). Since we are a small team, you will be working hands-on, closely with a small number of Data Scientists, Search Scientists, and Engineers to develop, and deploy everything related to search. The majority of the work will be on the development and advanced research side; while you will assist in the productization and deployment, we have a dedicated team of software engineers (with data science skills) to productionize code.

Our existing success in big data as one of the top companies for mobile deep linking is due in large part to being at the forefront of Open Source and leading-edge technologies. We rely heavily on Open Source, high-powered technologies/frameworks including: AWS, Spark, ElasticSearch, Kubernetes, and many others (including several popular Open Source ML frameworks).

What You’ll Do:

  • Work closely with other search/data scientists to propose, develop, prototype and deploy new tools/technologies related to:
    • Result ranking/feature generation
    • Query understanding/NLP
    • Knowledge generation/data mining
    • Search system design as related to the other tasks
  • Content extraction (develop plans and work with dedicated engineers)

    We’re Looking for Someone With:

      • 3+ years industry experience in search or data science
      • Knowledge and experience with major ML frameworks (although initial work will be less ML heavy)
      • Experience with recent NLP/text processing tools such as: spaCy, ELMo, BERT, Stanford NLP, or others
      • Proficient in Python
      • Driven to have high impact
      • Strong communicator able to summarize and communicate results and ideas to key decision makers
      • A leader, able to drive data, drive decisions and products across the organization
      • Nice to have: Familiar with Spark, SQL and data pipelines
      • Nice to have: Experience working with Database/storage systems like: Postgres, Druid, Elasticsearch

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