‘Our Whole Life is Google’: Inside the Absurd New Rush of Silicon Valley Tourism

I used to work at Yahoo when it was an international tourist destination. It was fun and funny to see groups of tourists taking photos with the Yahoo sign outside the main campus.


So what do the tourists get out of it? Can you interact with Google any more in person that you would at google.com? The tech giants are causing seismic changes the world over, but they’re not historical landmarks open to the public in the way a museum is. No matter how many times Apple calls its stores “town squares,” these are private buildings full of people on computers. They don’t offer tours.

Google and Apple, which both operate visitor centers open to the public, are more friendly to tourists than the offices of YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, and Facebook, which only offer photo opps with their logos on the side of the road. YouTube is just 15 miles south of San Francisco proper, and if you keep driving from there past highway billboards advertising webinar software and iPhones, you’ll see Facebook and Instagram next, then Google, then Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix, and, eventually, eBay, a full 56 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge. You won’t find a parking spot at any of them.

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