Search Engines that were Acquired, 2019. A work in progress.

Following up on Why do search engines and search products get acquired? and Search Engines that were Acquired, 2016-2018, here is an ongoing list of 2019 search acquisitions. Please let me know what I’m missing.

  • Apple buys Laserlike – an “interest search engine” that found news and videos related to users’ personal interests.
  • Scaleworks buys SearchSpring – search, navigation and merchandising technology to direct-to-consumer companies and sites.
  • HomeToGo buys – vacation rental meta-search site.
  • Facebook buys GrokStyle – AI and visual search technology to help consumers find, explore, and decide on purchases.
  • Google buys Superpod – lets users ask questions and receive answers from experts.
  • Yandex buys TheQuestion – a question-and-answer social network.
  • Appen buys Figure Eight (formerly CrowdFlower) – crowd-sourcing, human judgments, data labelling.

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