Adventures in building a news search startup Part 2

Part 2 Upping our game

Part 1 – Skunkworks Project
We had our MVP. We had some traction, but not much, from a limited user group. Our finding and ranking technology worked well. And we had done it all with three people in a few months at very little cost other than our time.

The next thing we did was reach out to two groups of people

  1. Friends of ours who were senior technologists We wanted some senior tech people to review our technology and make sure everything was sound. And we wanted to see if we could attract a senior person to spend some time helping us. We did get some feedback that our tech stack seemed solid enough for what we were doing. We did not attract any senior engineers, though a couple of our UI friends helped fine tune the front end for us.
  2. Friends who worked in the news industry. We had news industry connections, both in the Bay Area and New York. We talked to those people and they were supportive, but also they told us the challenges of monetizing news content. We felt that was OK because SNN was less a news play and more of a tech play. Again, we could scale up to cover all topics with a team of half a dozen people. Lean and efficient.

We continued to the next step, raising money.

Part 3 The VC Tour

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