Filter Bubble Transparency Act would require search engine transparency

This is interesting and could have far-reaching implications – maybe. I can’t tell how it affects query logs and aggregated click data, though I’m guessing click data would no longer be available. Imagine a world in which large scale search engines like Google can’t train on their real world data.

Filter Bubble Transparency Act

Search engine operators would have to make clear that they use algorithms based on data not expressly provided by users under a new bipartisan Senate bill.

The Filter Bubble Transparency Act takes aim at search engine operators that use opaque algorithms to determine the ranking of search results, based on data not given to a platform for such purposes.

The bill, which Senate GOP Whip John Thune (R-S.D.) is introducing Oct. 31, would make it illegal for search engine operators to use such algorithms unless they clearly notify users or provide them with a way to use an input-transparent algorithm. That kind of algorithm relies on data that is expressly provided to platforms for search purposes.

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