How do Google and Bing handle search suggestions for coronavirus?

Anecdotally interesting to see how Bing and Google handle search suggestions for coronavirus. I played around with three versions of the query: coronaviruscorona, and corona virus. This isn’t an extensive study, by any stretch, but I think Bing does slightly better (again, just anecdotally three queries). The abbreviated query corona, which granted has its own meaning, to me seems so topical right now that Google misses on not showing coronavirus as one of the suggestions.

For the full query, both engines have good, relevant results, though there are differences. I think Bing is better – it gets symptoms, map and update which all seem like great suggestions. But again, both engines are on target.

For corona, Google trusts that you really mean it, whereas Bing assumes you’re headed to the query: coronavirus. I don’t think Google fails this one, since they’re keying off the truncated corona, but it’s definitely a miss since many people don’t know how to spell coronavirus.

Lastly, wanted to see how they handle it with a word break: corona virus. Both engines do well with this, mostly reshuffling their suggestions for coronavirus (one word).