Prabhakar Raghavan appointed head of Google Search

Google has promoted Prabhakar Raghavan to be head of Search and Assistant, reporting directly to CEO Sundar Pichai. He’s been at Google since 2012 and in 2018 was appointed head of Google’s advertising product.

I have met him a couple times, though he wouldn’t remember me. First was when he was working on IBM’s Clever in the late 1990s, and then again when we were both at Yahoo search around 2005 or so.

Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced:

“For Prabhakar, this new role brings his experience with search full circle. He’s spent more than two decades obsessing over algorithms and ranking, and his association with Google Search predates Google.

A member of the National Academy of Engineering, Prabhakar is one of the most respected engineering minds in our field. His experience working across so many of our product areas gives him the perfect lens to spot the seams between them.”