Neeva ads-free search engine, started by former Google exec

Neeva, started by longtime Google exec Sridhar Ramaswamy, will be a subscription based search engine with no advertisements. This is an old idea (I’ve dreamed of this idea for many years), but Neeva has raised 37.5M from Greylock and Sequoia.

After being a leader in Google advertising technology, Ramaswamy became disillusioned with how advertising drove so many things at Google, so he decided to start Neeva as an alternative that’s not driven by advertising. Obviously the big question is whether people will pay for subscriptions or not. He’s targeting an initial cost for subscribers of about $10 per month.

NY Times article about Neeva. A Former Google Executive Takes Aim at His Old Company With a Start-Up

Neeva is not an all-new search engine from the ground up. The search rankings are powered by Microsoft Bing, the weather information comes from, stock data from Intrinio, and the maps are from Apple. When users link their Google, Microsoft Office or Dropbox account, Neeva sifts through personal files as well as the public internet for the right answers.