Giraffe – a search engine “for everything you’re working on”

Giraffe is a search startup working on searching the things you and your team are working on. As Jeremy Fabatz, Co-Founder & CEO at Giraffe, writes in Hey can you send me that doc from our call yesterday?

When we think about the types of information Giraffe stores, we break it up into 2 primary buckets:

1) Information with a URL. Example: a helpful tracking spreadsheet, a data mapping key, a sales opportunity, a process checklist.

2) Information that is offline and tied to a person. Example: familiarity with a technology, experience with a particular skill set, or time spent managing a process.

Giraffe makes information across these two buckets accessible, giving your team full visibility into one another’s content & knowledge.

Teams use Giraffe to add Links (bucket 1). GiraffeBot processes every URL that is submitted and uses AI to apply some suggested Tags to ensure you and your team can find this piece of content later on. Think of Tags as descriptors of that Link i.e. keywords to help you search for this information at a later point

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