Engineering Manager, Search

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What you’ll be doing…

Tableau is as much a philosophy as an amazing suite of tools. We enable people to transform data into something visual and understandable, enabling people to make important decisions based on those insights. If you are passionate about technology, but also care deeply about doing something meaningful, Tableau is the place for you.

With large deployments of Tableau, containing millions of visualizations, we need to provide people with tools to find the data that is important to them. No matter how good our platform is at showing meaningful and beautiful visualizations, they can’t have an impact if they cannot be found. We are building a brand new team to focus exclusively on content discoverability through search. This team will help more people see and understand their data by making it very easy to find the data and visualizations they’re looking for.

Some of the things you’ll be doing include …

This role will have the opportunity to spearhead this new initiative together with a product management partner, driving the early-stage thinking on search and discoverability. You would have a small development team (5) of software and research engineers. You would need to leverage their expertise in machine learning, advanced search algorithms, and enterprise software development to create a meaningful unified search experience in our products. In order to be successful in this role, you must be comfortable with ambiguity and working closely with other teams to tackle this problem together. You have a strong technical background in large scale systems, with experience in On Prem and SaaS products and have expertise in rapid prototyping, digging through legacy code, modern architectural design patterns, mixed (SaaS/On Prem) deployments, scaling and security concerns, and most importantly, the search problem. You are not expected to be coding, but do need to have a strong input on architecture and be able to manage this complex initiative so we build a great solution.

Who you are…

  • Leader: You lead the team in an authentic servant leadership style approach.
  • Mentor: You mentor, coach, guide, and correct the team to ensure that our devs are supported, unblocked, and empowered to achieve their full potential.
  • Project manager: You are a project management skills, with strong Agile practices, but also understanding of more traditional project management concepts to ensure maximum predictability, transparency, and accountability of deliverables. You are able to help with prioritization of bugs, feature work, and architectural enhancements.
  • Technical leader: You have strong architectural and engineering excellence skills through years of development experience on a development team, where you grew to be at least a senior or staff level engineer. You have applicable experience as a coder in large systems and have worked at scale with On Prem and SaaS products. You are familiar with the Java Enterprise space and ideally have some real world experience with ML and Search. You understand and advocate for modern architecture patterns and engineering practices.
  • Product partner: You work as a team with your product partner and partner teams and have  a strong customer focus and product / business acumen. You are passionate about building the right thing, in the right way and can motivate the team to do the same.
  • Recruiter: You are constantly looking for the best talent to bring onboard, helping Tableau continue to build one of the best companies in the world.

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