Senior Research Scientist — Recommendation and Search Algorithms

Website Netflix

As Netflix continues to expand around the world, our recommendation and search algorithms must scale to handle an ever-increasing diversity of tastes, languages, and content. How do we introduce an audience in Peru to a title just launched from Japan? What can we learn from search queries in Korean that might help us understand a query in French? How can we balance serving a member’s tastes while also introducing them to content they don’t yet know they’ll love? Solving these challenges, and others, will require you to apply the latest techniques in machine learning as well as inventing some new ones.
We’re looking for a talented and passionate machine learning expert to join our team of research scientists. In this role,  you’ll lead the way by implementing and owning the next generation of machine learning algorithms to improve the product for our more than 148+ million members from around the world.
Some of the areas you’ll work in:
• Recommender Systems and Personalization. Almost every aspect of the Netflix experience is personalized, and much of that personalization is driven by our various flavors of recommendation algorithms. You’ll apply a number of techniques, from the latest in deep learning, reinforcement learning, to causal inference.
• Search Ranking and Query Understanding. You’ll work on the algorithms that allow our members to interactively query and explore our catalog. Using the latest in NLP techniques, you’ll solve problems including: query understanding, knowledge graph discovery, and learning to rank across our global catalog of titles.
• Large Scale Machine Learning. Netflix is available in over 190 countries, with over 148+ million members. This gives us a unique dataset to work with, but also unique challenges in how we scale our models. You’ll work on cutting edge techniques to scale your models for use in our production systems.
If you’re passionate about applying cutting edge machine learning in a product that is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world, then we’d love to talk to you!

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